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£20 for 10 days

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60min class - £10

75min class - £10

90min class - £12

Prenatal Yoga/Pilates - Please enquire for courses

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Mummy & Me' Classes

In true 'yummy mummy' style, come and try out our range of 'mummy & me' yoga classes....
We offer a wide range of classes for mummy's, babies, toddlers and Kids


Baby yoga

Baby Yoga is a fantastic way to support your baby's development by improving muscle strength and tone, co ordination, and balance. It is also a wonderful way to bond with your baby and have fun together. It encourages instinctive parenting and promotes many well- used techniques for calming, soothing and reassuring baby, as well as sleeping better.

Baby Yoga sessions use fun rhymes and songs to help you learn the simple movements and to help relax baby. This course includes post-natal yoga and tummy tonning exercises for mummy!

Class is suitable for babies from 2 months to crawling.

baby massage

Massage has lots of physical benefits and for babies and can play a vital role in circulation, digestion and growth.
Baby massage can help to soothe wind and colic, aid digestion and elimination, improve sleep patterns and promote strong bonding between you and your baby.

This courses uses traditional Indian massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, yoga and settling techniques. Massage can also help babies who are premature and those with disabilities too, improving muscle tone and stimulating growth hormones.

Class is suitable for babies from 2 months to crawling.

toddler and childrensyoga

This is an extension of our Baby Yoga classes. We offer classes from walking to 2 years, 2-4 years, and 5-7 years. Please drop us an enquiry about course dates and prices.

Baby swimming.

These classes develop strength, stamina and agility. Through correct training babies can learn to respect and love the water, happily swimming above and under the water.

All babies are born with the natural ability to hold their breath underwater. This is known as the "mammalian diving response". This natural ability forms part of the Baby swim  class structure in order to help your child gain confidence in the water.

It is important for a child to enjoy their classes and to feel that the experience is fun. The  courses are taught in a gentle manor with the emphasis on playing and training at the same time.

Class is suitable for babies from 2 months to 3years.


Would you like us to tailor make your Mummy & Mey class to suit your needs? Perhaps a combination of massage and movement, or maybe more post-natal exercise, or even Private Baby or Toddler swim. Do you feel you need more one2one teaching? Would you like us to organise a private class for just you and your friends/family.

Our professional teachers can help deliver a yoga programme to you directly in your home, or in one of our teaching venues. Please call or email us to discuss your needs so that we can allocate the right instructor to you.

Our Advice

We recommend that your baby is 8 weeks old and that you have had your post-natal check up before attending mummy & me classes. Yoga mats are provided but please bring a towel to lay your baby on. For all classes - please wear comfortable clothing that you can stretch in.

Massage oil shoud be skin tested on your baby a few days before attending your baby massage class. Please use a natural oil which is non mineral based oil such as lightly sented olive oil. We do sell oil if you prefer.

For swimming classes - please arrive a little earlier to allow for changing. For hygiene, we do prefer you using a good quality swim nappy such as 'happy nappy' swim nappy. We can sell these to you if you do not have one.