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Unwrap Your Full Potential - Hip Openers & Backbend Workshop

This class is taught by:
A hip opener and backbend workshop

Is something holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Do you feel like negativity overrules positivity?

Do you want to feel free and open?

We have all been knocked down and felt the impact of negativity and I'm sure we've all wondered why we can't let go of that at times, even when our mind feels ready to be positive, something interferes and makes you keep a tight hold on it. That something is the body. Our body is a sensitive thing, it is capable of showing our emotions before we even speak and that's because we hold our emotions in our body. So, perhaps it's time to unlock the body and open the mind!
We will open the hips more deeply than you've ever felt before and explore the heart opening practice of backbends. You will learn to use the breathe to open blocked spaces within the body and to aid you in going deeper in your practice.
We will unwrap the body from the deepest layer to the most superficial.
Expect to walk away feeling like a new person!
This workshop is suitable for all levels and abilities.

Sunday 22nd April 4:00- 6pm
£35 / £25 before 4th April