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To teach our pregnant ladies to cover the Mill Hill area.



To teach either or both our 2-3yr and 4-7 year old childrens yoga programme in Finchley.


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Smita has been teaching yoga for 13 years and has been practising yoga for over 22 years. Her initial training was in India at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerela in 2001, and since then has attended further training and workshops in the UK and the US.

Smita has studied yoga for Therapy with Doug Keller.   She has been training over 9months in structural integration and anatomy with Gary Carter, learning about fascial connections and how we can allow gravity to connect and let our bodies create freedom in movement.  Most recently Smita has been studying with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (Sitaram Partnership), Francoise Freedman (Birthlight) and Rod Stryker (Para Yoga).  Smita is a Birthlight trained teacher for Pregnancy Yoga and Baby Yoga.   Her general classes are a blend of Hatha, creative flow, steady pose and pranayama.   Smita teaches also 121 classes at the studio.   Smita is also training as an Acupuncturist.




Ruth trained at triyoga as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher. She teaches Hatha yoga in open level, mixed ability classes and is a student mentor and assistant to triyoga's tutors on their Teacher Training course.

She welcomes beginners as well as more experienced yogis. Ruth uses props where necessary, to allow her students to really experience the energy of the asanas, regardless of the fact that they may not be able to perform the full expression of the pose. She loves to use mantra and mudras in her classes! Above all, Ruth aims to make yoga as inclusive as possible. The atmosphere in her classes is warm and friendly, a safe, compassionate space In which to practise.







Amy found her passion for yoga in 2005 whilst doing her degree in performing arts. She has been practicing yoga ever since, adding in her own spin through her background in dance. She decided to become a yoga teacher after traveling to India and discovering the true wealth yoga can give to the body and mind. Amy is now a qualified British Wheel of yoga teacher and she has also trained in yoga therapy, specialising in yoga for back problems and scoliosis. Her group classes combine many styles of yoga with the breath in order to realign your posture, lengthen your muscles and help you gain strength and flexibility. She draws upon her knowledge of therapeutic yoga to plan classes that aim to heal the body in a challenging but fun way!! You'll use your breath to open up and move through flowing sequences to leave you feeling relaxed, calm and ready for anything.






Jenni has been practising for nearly 20 years since she discovered yoga whilst travelling in India. Having experienced for herself the profound benefits that yoga can bring, she decided to train as teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga, completing the teaching diploma in 2007. Jenni also has 15 years experience as a reflexologist.  Her teaching style is intuitive and non-dogmatic, drawing from several different yoga traditions that she has studied over the years, as well as from personal research and ongoing training.

Jenni offers open mixed ability classes with a focus on safe alignment, some flowing sequences and builds gradually to deeper poses so they are accessible to all. Connecting to and working with the breath is a key part of the class as is a deep relaxation at the end. She also a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and integrates this with her previous training in her pregnancy classes. She feels London life can be fast and competitive and she likes her classes to be a place to slow down and really notice and honour our bodies, feelings and minds so we can make healthy choices both on and off the mat.


Priya - PicPRIYA SHAH 

Priya works in the finance sector and spends most of her time sat in chair staring at a screen, yoga provides a physical and mental reprieve from what can sometimes be stressful day. Her yoga practice began in 2014 when she was coaxed into attending her first class by Smita, she fell in love...& before she knew it she had signed up for 200 hour teacher training with the wonderful Sally Parkes.

Priya's wants her classes to be accessible to everyone, helping people to slowly stretch & open up the body through a flow. Her style is influenced by Hatha & Vinyasa & her inspiration comes from several teachers including Smita. Her classes will focus on alignment, breath and most of all enjoying each moment.




Photo of GerryGERRY SILVER

Gerry is a fully qualified and certified member of the Iyengar Yoga Association and has been practising yoga since 1973 and teaching since 2008. Her classes are open to beginners, as well as experienced yoga practitioners and although she adheres to the Iyengar principles of precision in alignment, direction and detail in the postures, she also attempts to bring a sense of fun to the classes and help students feel comfortable and at ease. Props are used to assist and make postures accessible to all in some way, whatever their ability or level.

In addition to the obvious health benefits from a regular yoga practice of building strength, stamina and creating a sense of well-being, she hopes that students will leave the class feeling well-stretched, refreshed, energised and calm.

Astrid Donati

Astrid is a certified Pilates and Gyrotonic Trainer and specialises in corrective posture techniques using the Gyrotonic Method, matwork Pilates and Pilates on the Reformer. 
She has a studied 3 years movement pedagogy, with rehab and backcare at the Huber Widemann School in Basel Switzerland gaining a HND in movement pedagogy.  She further certified as a Personal Trainer with Premier International and worked for more than 10 years for Esporta and Virgin Active as a Personal Trainer. 

"I specialise in postural alignment and flexibility exercises. The benefits will enhance your lifestyle both emotionally and physically. I aim to develop movement without pain or restriction and increase strength throughout the body". 


danielle white 200x200DANIELLE WHITE

With training as a dancer and working in the health and fitness industry, she put her body through a great amount of stress and often felt aches and pains. Sports massage helped her prepare for performances at university and recover from tough gym sessions.She was always interested in how the body moved and helping people to feel better and Combining this with sports, pregnancy, postnatal massage and nutrition advice Danielle understands the stresses we place on our bodies both in exercise and everyday movement and uses a variety of methods to help manage this stress in a positive way to continue to move pain free. 

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